Are you renting a large office? Do you have a national store network? You want to sell your hotel?

Are you paying the costs after a much larger area than reality? Do you want to assess the condition of your technical equipment in the property to avoid unexpected surprises? You need a detailed technical inventory for the year-end financial closure, or would you sell your property, but should you need a precise measurement of it first?

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Professional 3D Real Estate Survey!

The 21st century is already present in real estate management!
What Advanced Facility Management Technologies provides


Find out the real dimensions of your rented building.

The process of AFMTEC is to measure a property very quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively including all technical equipment, furniture. Our survey is much faster and more accurate than a conventional engineering survey. Uniquely, our solution can be easily used on-site throughout the life cycle of buildings to keep the documentation up to date, even by non-dedicated user staff. With up-to-date information, rental contracts can be renegotiated.

Operate with up-to-date information.

If you have a nationwide store network, we will assess the status of your technical equipment outside the actual rental area, but we will also make a complete technical inventory. We already make floor plans in electronic format, in fact 3D BIM models using OrthoGraph's software that has won numerous international awards. The information gathered can be retrieved at any time, from anywhere, and modified to support the design of a new complete image as effectively as possible.

Optimize your maintenance costs.

The use of completed building models does not end with the survey. They can become available for any existing facility management or building automation system with our BIM models, and can be made an integral part of these systems with our web 3D and 2D viewers. On demand, our professionals with decades of experience in real estate management are conducting a complex property management and energy audit to provide you with professional suggestions for more cost-effective real estate maintenance than before.

Take a look at the technology we use during operation.

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